Week 37

Well yesterday was the anniversary of one of the most hated DC Comic films since Green Lantern, Sucide Squad. Which is a movie I happen to like, so guess what? Yeah, we’re doing that this week.

First up is Deadshot by John Gallagher. This guy has a mighty impressive gallery. It looks like he’s worked on a lot of cool stuff. Captain Canuck fan my recognize his work because it looks like he’s done a few covers for that.


Next Up is this Harley Quinn sketch cover is by Jonboy Myers. You might not be familiar with his work. He’s the guy who did the first Batman Adventures 12 reprint cover for Mega Con/Fan Expo you probably think is J Scott Campbell. He’s also worked for Marvel, DC and Dynamite Entertainment doing some Red Sonja covers… even Blizzard I think. So he’s got legit cred.

I’ve been a big fan JBM for a couple of years now. His work is infused with the elements of other artist I like a lot. I can pretty much say if I was publishing a comic, JBM would be in the top 10 of cover artists I’d be considering. Granted, I which he did more interior work too.

I  love his take on the classic Harley Quinn. I really wish he was drawing interior on something right now, even if it’s not something i’m reading. I even bought his Teen Titans Rebirth issues and I’m not a Titans fan. If you like JBM’s work, check out his little known Huntress story in New 52 Secret Origins #7.

Last but not least this week is this Suicide Squad version of Harley Quinn Mad Love homage. It was created by artist Terry Alec. I wish Dc would use this on a future reprint of Mad Love, it would certainly make it easier to tell it was a reprint.

That’s it for this week, see you next Monday!

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