Week 41 The Road to Baltimore part 1

This week and for the next few weeks actually, I wanted to try something a little different. Baltimore Comic Con is coming up at the end of the month, so I thought it might be fun to feature artwork that would make a great cover by some of the guest/artist in attendance… I make no promises. I have no idea if this will actually work, but here we go.

First up is this image by Stéphane Roux… and of course It’s an image of Power Girl. I actually had a couple false starts writing this up. Mainly because I’ve been working a lot recently, but also because I couldn’t decide which image from Stéphane’s instagram to use. there was just so much good stuff, it was hard to set on one. But when in doubt, go with the Power Girl image I always say… well that’s not exactly true, truth be told, Stéphane didn’t have a Huntress or Black Cat image I could use.

Next up is an artist that should need no introduction, but sadly he does. Brian Stelfreeze is an artist artist. While his style may not be everyone’s cup of tea, his artistic prowess is second to none. Stelfreeze attends the Baltimore Comic Con practically every year. Which is a real sell point in going, at least in my opinion. As I’ve mentioned before, he’s a rare breed, always taking time to drop that artistic knowledge on aspiring artist.

There’s almost no end to the unpublished images by Stelfreeze I could have chosen from, but I went with this Batgirl. Truth be told, I’m actually a bigger fan of Brian’s black and white work, but his watercolors are always killer too. Unfortunately, no link’s for Brian, his twitter and Facebook are run by someone that’s not him, but with his input… and wouldn’t you know it, I recently shut down my Facebook and Twitter accounts. Who knows, maybe one day he’ll get on instagram.

That’s it for this week, see you next Monday with more artist who’ll be attending Baltimore Comic Con!

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