Week 43 The Road to Baltimore Part 3

With the clock ticking down to Baltimore Comic Con it’s time for our third edition of the “road to Baltimore Comic Con “. This week I’ll showcase 3 more artist who will be appearing at the convention.

First up this week is Larry Stroman, who I’m sure a few people have heard of before, if you were reading comics in the late 80’s early 90’s… maybe not.

I really dug his style when he was drawing Alien Legion for Marvel/Epic and have followed his work ever since. The high points being X-Factor during part of Peter David’s run and then on his short lived creator owned comic Tribe. Regardless, this is a pretty killer Aquaman vs Black Manta cover.

Ken Lashley is another talented artist that will be appearing at Baltimore this year. I wasn’t a huge fan of Ken’s work until I started following him on instagram a year or so ago.

Simply put, Lashley’s commission and sketch sketch covers are absolutely incredible! He’s one of three artist appearing at Baltimore this year I’m hoping to have enough money to get an original sketch cover from. Just look at this Psylocke sketch if you have any doubts as to this man’s talent.

Last up this week is Clayton Crain. I didn’t realize how much commission work Crain has done until I started this article. Believe me when I say, every single image he’s done would be suitable for a cover. Ultimately I ended up with this X-23 images, because X-23 duh.

Regardless, Crain’s off the chain, he’s done a couple Black Cat covers I really love, like that Amazing Spider-Man 800 cover, just as an example. I’m not much into getting signatures at shows, put I’m definitely planning to to swing by the mans booth and chat with him for a couple minutes.

That’s it for this week, see you next Monday featuring more artist who’ll be attending Baltimore Comic Con 2018!

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