Week 44 The Road to Baltimore Part 4

With Baltimore Comic Con kicking off this Friday, it’s time for our 4th and final edition of the “road to Baltimore Comic Con“. This week I’ll showcase the last 4 artist who will be appearing at the convention. Obviously, there’s way to many artist attending to have feature them all over the past 4 weeks. These have just been some of the names that jumped out at me. You can check out the full guest list here!

First up is Michael Cho. Cho has done some really cool covers for Batwoman over the past year. I’m a big fan of poster art and Cho’s style really screams old rock poster art to me. I picked this Iron Man to showcase because it makes me think of Gene Colen for some reason, it would make a dope cover if Marvel ever decided to reprint Iron Man & Submariner #1.

Next up is another Mike, Michael Golden. Where to even begin with the sheer awesomeness that is Michael Golden! Golden has worked on so many titles, he’s created covers for Punisher, covers and interiors for GI Joe  and Micronauts during the time Marvel had the licensing rights. Interior artwork for the Batman Family title… and of course, Avengers Annual #10. I think my favorite cover from Golden was the Body Bags #3 cover he did for the series when it was first published by Dark Horse. I think Michael’s greatest gift to comics is the attention to detail he’d put into every drawing and in turn the shear number of artist he’s inspired as a result.

The image i’ve selected is one of the greatest examples of “wouldn’t the make a great cover”, because it’s a commision, as I understand it, of the cover that Golden wanted to do for Avengers Annual #10 but for whatever reason…i’ve heard several stories over the years, ranging from the rough was rejected, it was late and that it’s because it wouldn’t work with the bicycle ad Marvel needed to jam in at the top. Regardless, without question, this is vastly superior to that mess that ended up on Avengers Annual #10 first printing.

For folks who know me, the next artist should be no surprise, oddly enough, it’s a different Cho. Frank Cho! Frank seems to be a regular fixture at Baltimore Comic Con, probably because he lives in Maryland, so that makes it easy. I meet him briefly last year and got a few books signed… well one, as i’ve said, signed books really isn’t really my jam. Frank’s sketch covers are awesome and prove that he’s a modern master of the single panel joke. While some might debate the appropriateness of his humor, one can not deny his talent.

Let’s face it, his most memorable covers for his never ending Harley Quinn cover run have been the single panel joke covers. While his most popular covers are probably his Black and white pen and ink hatched covers. Still, I really wish the big two would let him off the leash so we can get the full color unrestricted single panel jokes Frank only seems to get away with on sketch covers, OUTRAGE!  Wait, wait, sorry, these days it seems it’s wheat cakes.

Finally, we have yet another Mike, Mike Zeck to be exact. Like Golden, where do I even start with talking about Zeck. When I think of the Punisher, I think of the mini series and Mike Zeck’s rendition. The cover to issue 3 is still one of the coolest cover ever to grace a newsstand or comic book rack.

Recently Marvel reprinted an old plate from a Punisher Portfolio Zeck had done for a variant cover. Which in turn caused me to remember this portfolio plate. I’m sure some folks might complain about it, but it’s still a dope as F*** image of the Punisher!

Too often we get pin up images and characters just standing around. It seems that images of the title character getting down and dirty is becoming more of a rarity. Which isn’t really on the artist, after all, if your editor tells you to “just do whatever” with no hints as to what the issues is about, how can we expect them to create something cool, it’s just going to be a pin up since that’s safe and can easily be moved and used on a later issue if need be, because it’s generic.

That’s it for this week, see those of you attending Baltimore Comic Con 2018 starting this Friday! For those not, I’ll be back here in two weeks with another instalment

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