Week 45 and what ever happened to week 40?

At some point, I skipped week 40 when I was doing the whole gear up for BCC. I actually wrote something and everything, but it got lost or deleted… who can remember or knows what happened to it… it’s not that important. So at some point there will be a bonus Week 40, but this is not that week.

This week, week 45, let’s start off with an artist that’s been making some waves the past month or so. Jamie Tyndall. Now you’re probably wondering what I mean by that. Well Jamie has just completed an extremely successful kickstarter project, securing more than 80k in backing for his White Widow project. The White Widow preview book, which I guess would be the first appearance of the character debuted at New York Comic Con, which was kinda strange actually since Tyndall was also at Baltimore Comic Con the week before. Regardless, Tyndall clearly has a following willing to pay to see more of his work.

Tyndall has worked for a bunch of indy publishers and I have to admit, it’s rather surprising his work hasn’t graced the cover of a Marvel or DC comics title that I can think of. So that’s why I pulled this Flash cosplay’ish image. I know he’s done some similar image for Zenescope in the past.

If Tyndale’s work isn’t really your cup of tea, next up is Irukoart from Spain. This Venom image just grabbed me from a sea of Venom images. I’ll admit, I’m not thrilled about this new movie and I’ve been pretty clear about that online over the last year or so.

Regardless, I know there’s folks out there who are not just fans of the comic but also the new movie that came out this past Friday. So here’s an image just you you guys. Not only is this one of the better Venom fan art images I’ve seen recently, it’s also the first Venom fan art image I’ve seen so far without the white spider on his chest. To be honest I think this approach with the greenish blue base color and the black veins and tendrils works better than the white used for the film.

Well only two for this week, as I’m kinda in a crunch for time but I wanted to get back on track going forward. So see all of you next Monday for Week 46!

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