Week 47

It’s Monday so you know what that mean!

This week I’ve started looking for stuff in places that I normally don’t frequent online. I mean, I do have 3 or 4 wells I go to on a regular basis, but this week I tried not to use those resources… the operative word being tried.

This Venom image I stumbled upon completely by accident. I was looking up some software information for my day job. I found this Venom in a gallery on the Corel software website of all places. It was created by 

While I was trying to track down the artist, who I found had a google + account.  I also found he’d done a pretty cool Wonder Woman image. It’s rare that I feature two image by the same artist in the same week, but I’m kinda pressed for time again and figured what the heck.

Last up this week is this Spider Gwen or Ghost Spider… which ever.  I found it on one site, as I did a lot of cool images but quickly realized the site has a lot of… let’s call them unsafe images. After further consideration I opt’d to try and find some of the images elsewhere to link to. Which in some cases those other sites had an equal amount of unsafe images but fortunately this Ghost Spider image was posted on one of my usual content sites, so I was able to link it.

The artist of this particular image is MOIUKDUM from Thailand. I know what some people are saying, it looks too manga… clearly that hasn’t deterred me in the past, so why start now. When I look at the variant covers for Ghost Spider coming out this week, I could easily see this one among them.

Well, that’s all for this week, see you all next Monday with more artwork that should be covers!

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