Week 52 Batwoman

Well, looks like we’ve made it to the one year mark for this column and as I’m sure everyone knows, there’s 52 weeks in a year. So it shouldn’t surprise anyone that this week seemed like the perfect time to do a Batwoman centric instalment. With Ruby Rose set to appear on the CW TV crossover event in a just a couple more weeks… well, it was just impossible for me not to focus on Batwoman.

First up is an image by 

Next up is a Batwoman image by Mark Beachum, an artist that should need no introduction, but sadly does. Mark’s been creating sexy images of female superheroes for about as long as I can remember and worked for Marvel, DC, Image and a slew of Indy publishers. Beachum was featured way back in the begin of this column, so it seemed only appropriate to do it again at the one year anniversary. The vast majority of Beachum’s work is definitely NSFW, so I haven’t been able to show you very much of his work over the last year. Fortunately this Batwoman image was tame enough and fit the week 52/Batwoman theme.

Next is this cool monochromatic Batwoman image by Andrea Patricolo. It took a while to track down the artist for this one. It also reminded me why I do this column and why i take the time make sure to include multiple links and credit to the artist. Too often people just repost images online with no information that leads back to the creators. There has even been a few images of the last year I never was able to find the original creators for so I’ve never displayed them.

This Batwoman image I thought was really interesting and was worth going the extra mile to track down who created it so i could share it with you all.

Last up for this special anniversary edition is Batwoman image by Jeff Dekal. I’m sure that name is familiar to may variant cover collectors as Jeff has done a few variants that have gotten some heat recently. It’s got a little different feel to than a lot of Batwoman image we generally see as covers. Unfortunately at time of writing this i couldn’t find a direct link to a larger image on a site for Dekal.

Well, that’s all for this week, see you all next Monday with more Batwoman! That’s right, There was just too much to fit into one week! 

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