Week 53 Batwoman Part 2

Well, it’s week 53 and as promised the continuation of the special Batwoman edition. Batwoman is a character I really love. Both visually and from a story standpoint… but more on that at the end.

First up this week is Luciano Vecchio with the animation styled image of Batwoman. It’s very graphic and would make a pretty cool t-shirt or silk screen image. Luciano has worked for both Marvel and DC as well as some indy publishers. 

Next up is an image by Dan Brereton. I’ve been a fan of Dan’s work for a long time so it’s always cool when I find something unpublished by him to use in this column. One of my favorite comic is the Thrillkiller’s that Brereton illustrated and was written by Howard Chaykin. This image of Batwoman kinda reminds me of that series for some reason… maybe it’s the attitude.

Next up is an artist that needs no introduction. Adi Granov. It’s been rare to find unpublished images from Granov in the past that I could use for this column. It was excited to finally find something and a DC comics character no less. I know there’s a lot of Granov fans out there so this one’s for all of you!

Last up for this special anniversary edition is Adam Hughes. I’ve seen this sketch before and really wish it was a finished cover. I’ve always liked AH!’s sketch and preliminary work better than his finished covers… I honestly don’t know why. This sketch in many ways reminds me of Frank Cho, from a single panel gag/joke stand point. It’s really a shame publishers don’t have more of a sense of humor sometimes when it comes to variant covers. Which seems like the perfect outlet for something like this. I mean. just look at this image. Imagine if Hughes did this idea as a finished painted piece of artwork and it was available as a ratio variant. What local comic shop wouldn’t order 25-50 copies of a Batwoman book to get this? It’s a no brainer and exactly the type of image that encourages shops to over order… which is the whole motivation for a ratio incentive variant cover, isn’t it?

In closing this week, Over the years DC Comics has definitely had a few missteps when it comes to handling Batwoman. Whether it was the chickening out on the gay marriage arc way back in her new 52 series, or the underwhelming Rebirth series. Regardless Batwoman making a small screen appearance next week really is a pretty big deal, hopefully that introduction gain her many new fans outside of comic collectors.

Well, that’s all for this week, see you all next Monday! 

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