Week 54

So the last few weeks this has all been a tie into the Batwoman appearing on the CW’s Arrowverse crossover. Which, as I expected, will happen tonight. Part one of crossovers is always set up. Just like a comic.

Oddy enough, I found a couple more really cool images and didn’t want to cram them into the other two weeks. So this will be the last Batwoman instalment for the year. Promise.

First up is this image by artist 

Next up is this Batwoman image by Cédric Poulat from France. It appears this image was created traditionally, but I could be wrong. I was just really digging the whole vibe on it and felt it was a nice contrast to some of the other Batwoman images featured this week.

Last but certainly not least this week is this Saturday Evening Post homage image by Juan Carlos Ruiz Burgos of Spain.

Holly crap this is awesome! See, I really did need to do a 3rd week of Batwoman otherwise you wouldn’t have seen this image… and, while we’re being honest, you really did need to see this.

Now click this mans links because Juan Carlo has even cooler stuff in his gallery and more Norman Rockwell Saturday Evening Post homages you should check out!

Well, that’s all for this week, see you all next Monday… and I promise, it won’t be Batwoman! 

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