Week 7


Man how time flies, it’s already week 7 and still going strong.

First up we have a Deadpool piece by Neeraj Menon. Neeraj is from India and works doing comic art. This was one of a few images of Deadpool fan art that really caught my attention. Much like with Harley Quinn there’s so much DP fan art and much of it is derived from movie images or classic covers that we’re already familiar with. This image really stands apart in my mind, it sums up what so many people love about the character in a professional piece of artwork. Seems like a crime this image hasn’t grace a Deadpool variant cover… especially when you see some of what has. Definitely make sure to click on the image so you can read the artist comments about why they created it.

The second piece this week is attributed to artist Alexander Lozano, whose name might sound familiar. Lozano works for Marvel Entertainment and is best known for creating promotional art for the film Captain America Civil War. He’s also created about 33 different covers for Marvel Comics that I can find.

I’m not sure when this Cap image was created but nevertheless it’s still stunning.  It’s a far cry from the majority of work he’s done for Marvel, leading me to believe this might have been a portfolio piece or early work. Doesn’t matter, it would make an awesome cover for a Bucky as Captain America story.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find a link for the original artwork on any of his social media or websites, however I did find it on http://www.iamag.co/… Still, kinda makes you wonder how this was never used for a cover.

Last Up is this stunning image of the Batman Who Laughs by artist MJ Hiblenart. It seems like a lot of artist are trying their hand at this new villain. As we saw yesterday with sales for the Mattina 3rd print cover for Metal #2, folks clearly ain’t sick of this villain yet. Use the hashtag #batmanwholaughs on sites like twitter and instagram to see all sort of cool artwork by fans.

I feel the need to remind people these images are not actual covers. Even though they should be, which is the whole point of this column… so you know, don’t call your LCS trying to reserve copies, cuz they won’t know what your talking about.

Something you could do is send eMails to Marvel and DC. Maybe with enough badgering some of these images could be covers one day

That’s it for this week, see you next Monday!

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