Week 8

Week 8! That’s right back again with some more cool stuff.

I know some folks are digging the Punisher Netflix series so figured it was time to find a piece of art worthy of this column. I’m not a fan of the Netflix series, should have been called the Talkisher if you ask me. Anyhow, here’s one of several cool Punisher images I found online recently. It’s by an artist named 

This isn’t the first entry for one of my favorite characters, Mr Freeze… and it definitely won’t be the last.

This image of Victor is brought to us by UK artist David Paget. I was really pleasantly surprised to find this image online. It actually conveys a lot of emotion and a reminder of what makes the Batman Animated series version of the character so great… and the DC New 52 version so criminally underwhelming. Yes, pun intended.

Last up today is an absolutely stunning image of Red Monika from Battle Chasers by artist Paolo Pantalena. Yeah I know, I featured an image by Pantalena last year, so sue me!

I’m not sure which is a bigger crime against the comic world. No new Battle Chasers comic or that Pantalena isn’t drawing interiors for a book i’m interested in reading (at time of writing this). Either way, the world needs more Battle Chasers comics.

Yeah, Yeah I know there’s a video game, and that’s cool and all but I want more Battle Chasers comics damn it! If Joe Mad doesn’t have the time or will to draw it, well then, I nominate Paolo Pantalena!

That’s it for this week, More art that would make great cover goodness next Monday!





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