Who is Mr OZ?

Where is the essence that was so divine?

Who is Mr. OZ?

With his true identity set to be revealed in Action Comics, this mystery has been going on since Superman 32 back in 2015. So far we know that the Watchmen will be integrated into the modern DCU so it is only normal to suspect the obvious. But is the obvious just another red herring?

Geoff Johns has said that this story will reveal DC’s oldest secret. If that’s true then I suspect it will have something to do with Superman.

( In my opinion it should have something to do with the 1938 divergence of the Watchmen Universe and the DCU universe. )

OZ’s goal seems to be the restoration of the DCU to something proper, possible to a better era.. With such cryptic and limited information from OZ, these guesses are highly speculative and while some may be original to this article, you should read this as a collection of recent rumors and speculation from various sources.

The Suspects

Adrian Veidt ( Ozymandias )

First appearance: DC Spotlight

ODDS 2:1

Well this guy is the obvious culprit right? I think by now the links and clues have been beaten to death, so much so that his reveal would essentially be a let down. Some folks are pointing to the logo for Nostalgia on Miss Janet as a big clue. But Nostalgia is a calculated logo design for a product meant to do more than make people smell great. In fact it may not even have been designed to do that as Rorschach can attest!

It’s advertising slogan, “Where is the essence that was so divine?” is meant to help bring people back to a time where things were believed to be better. To me that would be more like the time when Superman was born, not now! Nostalgia is meant to soothe and pacify the population so that they may accept the destruction to come with a promise of a better future.

Well what if that tattoo is itself a form of control. I can’t help but thinking that plate of food waiting for MissJanet is just a morsel to help guide her base instincts and keep her under control to do what is needed. She looks a little bit like a zombie if you ask me. There’s also something odd about that Watchmen Yellow umbrella against a bland color palette no?

Though he might be just too damn obvious it still could be true but I’m not sure why Veidt would reference having taught Superman anything or even care about a fragmented Man of Steel. Still, there is solid enough evidence to point his way.


Superboy Prime

First Appearance: DC Comics Presents 87

ODDS 5:1

Prime is one of the top contenders here. Considering all the key books Geoff Johns wrote concerning Prime ( Legion of Three Worlds, Green Lantern and Infinite Crisis ) I can see why many suspect him. And while Prime does have intimate knowledge of the multiverse and it’s characters thanks to his comic book consumption, I just don’t see his existence as anything that we just haven’t seen before. I think he may end up a player just not the man in green.


Superman 32

First appearance of Mr. OZ.

ODDS 10:1

There’s always a chance the character is new and has no secret identity although he tells Superman that it doesn’t matter who he is…yet. Still the odds are good he’s actually no one we know.


Note: There are a ton of variants for this book, go with the 1:100 despite the ugly cover.

Jor-El ( Pre Crisis )

First appearance: More Fun Comics 101

ODDS 20:1

Bleeding Cool is reporting some unsubstantiated, but interesting rumors that the pre-crisis Jor-El is Mr. OZ. Some of what OZ says when viewing Superman does NOT support this though. He calls him Clark, and recalls the deaths of his parents both on Krypton and Earth. If he were Jor-El why would he reference himself in the third person? OZ does wear the pre-crisis, Jor-El color green but that’s just not enough.

There are other supporting details though. Oz’s captives are paying for some sort of crime too. He uses such language when talking to Mr. Mxyzptlk.

Originally, Jor-El was concerned with imprisoning those whome he and the council deemed threats, some of whom actually committed no crime ( see Tim Drake? ) or serious crime ( see Nam-Ek ). It’s also possible a mentally compromised Jor-El ( see DC Comics Presents 97 ) in his final pre-crisis appearance ( published post Crisis ) left his physical form behind on Krypton and was taken into deep space along with the Phantom Zone and the lens. This is a reach but unless he was plucked from time by Dr. Manhattan I don’t see how he escapes Krypton.



First appearance: Action Comics 886

First living star appearance: Sandman Endless NIghts

First mention: Unknown. At some point in the 70’s Superman started to utter the words, “ Great Rao”

First time name revealed as Kryptonian god: Superfriends 47

ODDS 200:1

Rao is the Kryptonian god who has sometimes been referred to as the actual red sun Krypton orbited. Rao’s origin is a little murky, but quite interesting. If we go by Neil Gaiman’s interpretation, Rao intentionally created Krypton and Superman so that the gods may experience the intense memories and despair of Kal-El. Rao would make a great villain but I’m just not sure he fits here. He does have connections to prime ( if we believe he is actually a star ) as he unknowingly helped depower Superboy Prime and kill the Golden age Superman in Infinite Crisis.

NOTE: Kurt Busiek coined the name of Krypton’s red star as Eldirao and both Superman and Kal-L flew Superboy Prime through the star to defeat him. It is interesting to note that the Kryptonian name for Star is El so Superman is the Star Child and Rao is his father?

Pa Kent

First appearance: Superman 1

ODDS 500:1

Knowledge of that source wall puts this Luthor on the list. Well, that and the fact that his primary goal is to create the perfect Earth! The fact that Johns wrote Infinite Crisis gets him here but like some others there is a been there done that kind of vibe with Alexander.

All Star Superman

First Appearance: All Star Superman 1

ODDS 1000:1

I would say it’s more likely that All Star Superman ( if involved at all ) is connected in some other way. He does, after all, have the power to create realities ( see Earth Q ). Despite him being a great candidate, doing so would undo arguably the greatest ending Superman could ever hope for and that would be truly sad.

Note: One could add All-Star Lex Luthor to this list who also makes his first in this issue.

The Golden Age Superman ( Kal-L )

First Appearance: Action Comics 1

ODDS: 1000:1

Killed in the Infinite Crisis event, the Golden Age Superman’s death wasn’t met with nearly the same fanfare as the post crisis Superman. This is unfortunate. His death was arguably way more important that the Superman Doomsday killed. Even though he died while depowering Superboy Prime there’s a change he was plucked from time as Tim Drake was and considering the way in which OZ talks about Superman and his origins I just don’t see Kal as the hooded man. But it is certainly possible OZ has Kal-L locked up in his fortress:

What better way to hold back the man than a Kryptonite door, cloak and mask?

Pre-Flashpoint Lex Luthor

First appearance: Too convoluted for me to decide!

ODDS 5000:1

Physical similarities aside (a possible bald head, green eyes, a penchant for the color green ) I suspect this one is a trail to nowhere.

Pariah ( Kel Mossa )

First appearance: Crisis on Infinite Earths 1

ODDS 7500:1

Another tragic character with the ability to cross over to other Earth’s of the multiverse, Pariah’s intentions are to set things right, something OZ believes he is doing. He’s a scientist of considerable intelligence so creating the kind of fortress OZ resides in would be possible.

He also wears green clothes so…….

Pete Cannon AKA Thunderbolt

First Appearance: Thunderbolt 1

ODDS 10,000:1

Considering DC doesn’t even have the rights to the Charlton character and his adventures are being published by another company it’s very doubtful. I don’t see any evidence either other than the fact that Pete Morisi’s creation was the inspiration for Ozymandias. Although the Hooded one looks familiar!


First Appearance: Superman/Doomsday: Hunter Prey 2

ODDS: 1,000,000:1

Doomsday’s creator makes my list for one reason, Mr. OZ states at one point that he thought he was done with Doomsday. This reference only really makes sense if OZ is the post crisis Superman which he isn’t or the Alien scientist Bertron. I seriously doubt it’s him though but one never knows!


First Appearance: Justice League of America 111

ODDS The number of miles in equatable light years from here to Krypton’s red sun.

Reasons for: He’s got a similar cloak, has never been identified, escaped judgement by the Spectre and is the living embodiment of Grant Morrison’s Anti-Matter Life Equation. I still say nope.

Interesting notes

The book which is mailed to Clark by Miss Janet via Mr. OZ features a Superman logo, but it is a very specific logo. I believe it makes its first appearance in the Action Comics corner logo for Action comics 25.

Superboy Prime’s modern logo is the same as the one Miss Janet mailed for Dr. OZ.


First appearance: Animal Man 25

First Mention: Ambush Bug 3

Mr. Oz’s fortress is located outside time which would be Limbo. This is interesting because DC’s Limbo is a place reserved for the pre-crisis figures and locations. This version of Limbo was created by Grant Morrison.

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