Who wants some Dell’Otto Spider-Man and acetate Action #1???

First contest of the season is here and not a moment too late! With Toronto Comic Con starting tomorrow, these will be hitting gen pop and getting more interested. Just a reminder of what we are talking about:

If you do not want to wait, you can still order them at Fan Expo Store (as well as their awesome past variants and some pretty good deals on other standard variants). If you want to get them for free, though, it’s easy enough … There will be two sets of these 4 covers given away. Each set will go to whoever gives us the best answer to each one of these questions:

  • What’s your favorite Dell’Otto Spider-man cover?
  • What’s your favorite Action Comics #1 swipe?

You can answer to both or just one of those questions and get extra points if you make me (who will be deciding the winners) discover a cool cover I didn’t know about.

Good luck everyone and, as always, thanks to the good people at Fan Expo!!!

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