William Gibson, Lovecraft, Mandalorian and More!

Welcome back speculators, collectors and creeps!  This week we go Doopin’, take a look a some Mandalorian Spec and dig into a little Lovecraft!





Infinity Wars 3

First appearance of Doopool

Mashups are cold but this one combines two of my favorite characters.  For me it is a buy and hold.



Star Wars 69 ( Mark Jeweler, Canadian )  Make sure it has the Lakeside Tattoo!

First appearance of a Mythosaur

The Mandalorian TV show is getting well deserved acclaim.  Despite the fact that the main character has never appeared in a comic, the mention of the Mythosaur ( creatures that the Mandos used to ride ) was enough to get me hunting.  Here is their first along with continued background info on Mandalore.

There is also this rare printing from Star Wars Comic Packs!




Star Wars 13

First appearance of Yaddle

Just in case Yaddle and Yoda hooked up to make that baby in The Mandalorian,  here is her first. 

Here is my vote for the name of that baby!



Heavy Metal October 1979

First Dunwich Horror comic

A Lovecraft anthology series is coming from Elijah Wood’s production company.  There is a comic series but this is the first comic adaptation and the first comic appearance of H.P. Lovecraft.




Weird Tales 1929

First published Dunwich Horror story

If you are into collecting story firsts, the Dunwich horror was published in this hard to find series in 1929.



Archangel 1 ( Convention Variant )

This foil rarity has the distinction of being the first published comic work for famed sci-fi William Gibson!  This incredible time travel yarn should be made into a film.  With his book Peripheral getting an adaptation it might be worth stashing this.

Even though Gibson himself has said that due to the rules established in Peripheral, the universes of Peripheral/Agency and Archangel cannot be connected, he did leave a little room open and has been prone to go back on statements about his creations.  If you are a fan it is easy to see why so many believe this to be a trilogy.  Even so Archangel would make an excellent film and is undervalued.  This incredible cover doesn’t hurt either.




Dime Press 21

First appearance of Dampyr

While the first appearance is now rare Dampyr appeared a bit earlier in 1999 in this fanzine comic series famous for having an early Hellboy prototype.  There is a Mignola pin up in this ( but not of Hellboy! )



Venom Spider-Man Saga 4

This book has a terrible cover but Venom fans are ravenous.  There is no real first appearance in this but it does establish Web of Spider-man 18 and 24 as Venom/Brock appearances.  Look for a newsstand!








Graphic Classics 4, 4b, 14

There are a few Lovecraft books worth scooping now and holding.  These two have amazing cover art and the 2nd print is not an easy find.

and this one for content AND cover!




Slash 1

Horror is hot and this O’Barr cover has always been impressive.  Foil only please.




John Carpenter’s Asylum 1





Night of the Living Dead Back from the Grave Rotting Cover





Married with Children 1 of 3 ( with Kelly Bundy Poster Only! )

Kelly Kapowki was Playboy to Kelly Bundy’s Huslter.  We all know this.  I”l take the latter every day, all day especially when the poster is inside!





Deepest Dimension 1

This one is a little suggestive no?!



Legends of Red Sonja 1 Sketch Cover

Thanks to Khoi Cakes for turning me onto this one years ago.  It is simply stunning!





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