Win Scout Comics’ Mindbender & Solar Flare Variants!!!

It’s no secret that Scout Comics have put out more than a few good comics lately, but specifically Mindbender and Solar Flare seem to have captured the market’s attention. A good reason to celebrate with a couple of variants.

Two variants for Mindbender #1 and one for Solar Flare #1, all of them limited to 250 copies. Sounds good, right? Wait till you’ve seen them:

The last two covers up there are now available for sale at Comics-Direct (via their ebay UK shop: Mindbender and Solar Flare) and the first one is sold by ComicXposure.

In a classy gesture, the good folks at Scout Comics have thrown a couple of Comics-Direct variant sets our way (so that would be the last 2 covers shown above) for two lucky winners. Even better, they are throwing an assortment of 5 hard to find Scout Comics limited editions (limited to 50 to 250 copies) on top of these new variants.

How we’re going to do this? There are going to be two prizes: one with the best answer to a question and the other for a random comment. The best answer to the question will get the two variants plus the 5 variant prize. The random comment will “just” get the 2 variants.

The question: What’s been your favorite Scout Comics series so far and why?

Comments will be closed at the end of the week, only one comment per account, …

Thanks for your attention and thanks to Scout Comics for another cool contest!!!

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