Winners of Fan Expo contest revealed!!!

Sorry, it took a while, but some of the entries were so good that I wanted to keep reading them forever. Thanks to everyone who posted and made us discover and remember some awesome covers …

The prize? Two full sets of these puppies:

The challenge? Picking up a favorite Dell’Otto Spider-Man cover and Action Comics #1 swipe.

My problem? Picking up two winners, but there comes a point in every person’s life where tough decisions need to be taken … So, before we go any farther, thanks for taking part again!!!

Dell’Otto Spider-Man Winner

If you know me at all, you just know I really like me some Dell’Otto Spidey, so there’s no wrong answer to this question. They are all gold. BUT! Someone suggested a cover I had never seen before, so that made it an automatic win … So join me in congratulating ManFromTheStars for suggesting Wizard #230 (found the original art without all the logos and Wizard headline diarrhea):

Pretty awesome indeed, right?

Action Comics #1 Swipe Winner

Again, this is the most subjective decision ever, but as mentioned in the past that Captain Carrot cover always cracks me up …

I mean, look at that cat up there … you haven’t seen such a cool cat since Shaft. The car’s pain, the pig, … Burnham takes this swipe to the next level and I am glad oxblood brought it up, because that gets him a set of 4 great covers.

So there you go, The Supreme Intelligence has spoken!!! Congrats to the winners (I will send you an email later today to ask for your shipping address), thanks to everyone again and if you didn’t win and want the Fan Expo variants, remember that they still have some for sale (for now) at their online store. Thanks Fan Expo, looking forward to the next one!!!

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