Winners of the BCC Variant Set Announced! New Fan Expo Canada Contest!!!

Winners of the BCC Variant Set

Wow! That’s a lot of hate for Eclipso: The Darkness Within #1 … I really enjoyed that comic when it came out (although I cannot recommend reading all the annuals in one go, as the tediousness of the task will soon have you forgetting who you are), so it gets a free pass from me. Actually, I have an almost full set of Eclipso appearances, so I might be biased.

Anyway, what were you guys commenting for? One of two sets of the following, that’s what!!!

I asked for a best and worst gimmick, so I picked up the winners based on a best and worst gimmick I agreed with the most:

  • Christopher Hellyer: Cannot agree more! That DIY cover on Superman The Man of Steel #30 is a legend and I would love to see it happen more often.
  • bytemonkey: Even though most people wouldn’t call it a gimmick cover (and coming from a person who’s lost countless hours cataloguing them), negative covers are humanity at their absolute worst.

Congratulations and will email you soon to get your addresses!

New Contest: Fan Expo Canada Variant Set

Here’s what we have for you this time, courtesy of the good folks at Fan Expo Canada (who happen to be the same people doing Boston Comic Con, so thanks again!).

Two sets of these wonderful covers are up for grabs! Each set will have a wonderful Phil Jimenez Sensation Comics #1 Variant (both standard and acetate covers) and an Artgerm Generations: All New Wolverine / Wolverine Variant (both color and copics covers).

Two great covers that taste great together, right? Three of the stars of this year’s superhero movies that look ready to clash for supremacy. So here’s my question to you this time: what comic based movie did you enjoy the most this year and why?

If you ask me, I would have to go with Twin Peaks because it’s the best thing ever, but I am starting to understand that I am not the target audience for superhero movies. I kinda enjoy Marvel Studios’ output even though they’re starting to feel a bit like big budget versions of The A-Team episodes, I don’t understand what DC is trying to do at all and struggle to finish their movies and Fox is just meh. Anyway, not that anyone cares.

I will close the comment section by Thursday. If you can’t wait to get any of the comics mentioned here, just jump over to their online shop while they last!!!

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