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Goblins! You’ve come back to the City Supreme! That’s right on. Ya see, Diesel City is going to give you a little of everything. You’ll get some story telling, some nonsense, and perhaps some opinionated ranting, but the one constant is that I’ll always reference a few books to keep an eye on! You certainly shouldn’t expect the same song and dance from this column. As always, banter welcome in the comments section.

This past weekend, my fiancée and I stopped at Wizard World Philadelphia. It’s an excellent con that I’ve been going to for years. You’ll always find a few fair priced vendors (snagged an X-men #12 for $50) and some excellent art work. In fact, at the 2006 con, I laid eyes on my personal favorite comic book cover of all time (still to this day) Civil War #1 Aspen Variant. The late great Michael Turner was doing the absolute best Marvel covers in the mid 2000s, and to this day is one of my major influences in comic books. That being said, thanks Mr. Turner, you were awesome.

With all of that said, the most enjoyable part of this Wizard World, was getting to chat with James O’Barr. Of course, everyone knows him as the creator of The Crow. He’s always been extremely professional and a treat to talk with. This year he did a killer sketch for me, and made a most excellent comment in regards to pills, strippers, and Philadelphia…but I digress.

Now the Crow first appeared in Caliber Presents #1, with the back cover of that book being the coolest picture of the Crow you will see. He then appeared in The Crow #1 which was an extremely low print book published by Caliber Comics back in 1989. His first ever ad appearance was on the back page of Deadworld #10 which was published in November of ’88.

Caliber Presents #1 and The Crow #1 are both pretty steep and hard to find books, and that won’t change any time soon. In fact, with all of the movie reboot talk, it may only continue to increase. Especially if Jason Momoa (casted to play Eric Draven aka The Crow) “wows” people in Justice League and Aquaman. Although with all of the speed bumps this reboot has hit, who knows who will end up playing the main role. If you can find either of these for a reasonable price, snag them!

This topic always brings me back to thinking about another man gone too soon; Brandon Lee. Most know that Brandon was tragically killed on the set of The Crow, but as time passes, Brandon and his incredible portrayal seem to fall by the wayside. With all of the new effects and big bangs, newer generations won’t be able to appreciate and admire the authenticity he brought to a comic book movie, way WAY before it was the theatrical norm. I can only compare a select few CBM roles to Brandon’s (Heath Ledger as the Joker, RDJ as Tony Stark, and Jackie Earle Hayley and Patrick Wilson in the Watchmen). These actors created such transcendent experiences for me, in bringing a character that I read in a panel to the big screen, and completely doing the source justice. With all of that being said, I’ll end my diatribe and give you three books to keep an eye on.

Uncanny X-men #317 – Now be careful because there are a ton of these, but I think the first appearance of Blink has some short term upside and right now you can still get this for cheap! With the TV series Legion having success, this new series The Gifted could follow in its footsteps. Also, something about Jamie Chung just makes me happy.

Watchmen #1 – I too remember the Watchmen craze of 2008-2009 and I also remember that as fast as copies were selling at $100+, they fell faster then Hanson, post “Mmmbop”. This is the first appearance of the Watchmen (some of the most well written characters in comic history). With Dr. Manhattans giant arm appearing on the final page of Flash #22 “The Button” storyline, us Watchmen fans may finally get them in the DC continuity. Just don’t expect Alan Moore to write or give his blessing!

Amazing Spider-man #529 – First appearance of Stark Armor Spider-man. Marvel has done all but said this suit will appear in Homecoming. Tony is Peters mentor, gives him a suit just to take it away, and now Vulture has an iron suit? How can Peter match the great power of Batman as Birdman playing another bird? With an iron suit of his own. Get this for $12-$20 now!

Well hope you enjoyed your visit. Check me out next week when I discuss the most supernatural and make believe team in the Marvel Universe! Until then…ignore the colors and the sounds…sometimes they become haunting.

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