Wouldn’t that make a Cool Show?!

A few weeks ago we tried this idea out, it seemed to go over pretty well. So in my desperation to meet this week’s deadline on a short week, let’s give it another go.

Faust: Love of the Damned

Created by Tim Vigil and David Quinn… the comic itself is rather notoriously adult in nature, so are a lot of shows created for HBO and other outlets. While I could see some producers shying away from such a project, I could see others perfectly comfortable with taking it on. Granted, the subject matter may not be for everyone, however the faustian tale of the man that traded their soul to the devil is very relatable.

As the direct to video release in 2000 demonstrates, it can be done on a budget… but really shouldn’t have been. That’s not to say that the Brian Yuzna film doesn’t have it’s moments and even adheres to the comic series. Oddly enough it was only the first of 9 planned instalments… the other 8 were never made to my knowledge. I could see something like 9 episodes running on an online steamer very easily.

There’s also been some spin off comics for Faust. So there’s definitely enough material to craft a whole world to work in the episodic format. Mephistopheles making a faustian bargain with a new victim from season to season as a way to separate itself from other shows.

It’s not hard to imagine what it could look like with all the advancements made in the last 20 years. Let’s face it, blood and sex is why everyone tuned in to watch Game of Thrones in those early seasons. Don’t lie, if Cinemax had a show called Boob Dragons you know you’d have that $#!? on series record.

Back to content, HBO, Cinemax, Netflix and others don’t seem to have an issue with mature themes and violence, so maybe the time is growing near for Faust. It seems just about anything can get optioned these days. Hey, if Razor can get optioned under the laughable disingenuous guise of female empowerment, than anything is possible.

Maybe I’m wrong, maybe Faust should never be anything more than a comic with some of the most exquisite, erotic and bloody violent illustrations ever to be printed… but maybe, just maybe, someone will take another shot at it.

Ok so let’s go in a completely different direction now. Something light, fun… and equally unlikely to get made…

Angle and the Ape

So hear me out with this property. A female detective with an actual gorilla, solving mysteries. How has that not been put into production! Hey scripts are cheap… or so the saying goes. So I wouldn’t be surprised. Clearly the cost of the ape is a hurdle, but once you get past that, it’s smooth sailing.

As everyone is probably aware, Grodd has appeared on the Flash TV show numerous times. So it is possible to do, and seeing as how the CW DC shows are all produced by the same producer… you see where I’m going with this. While a female detective and an ape seems like it could slide right into the weeknight line up on the CW. It could also be a cool new show to help fill out DC’s steaming network. With stuff like Doom Patrol, is Angel and the Ape really that much of a stretch?

There’s multiple outlets for something like Angel and the Ape. The other nice thing about the property is it doesn’t have to be done as a late 60’s groovy mystery solving kinda thing, it even works if it’s modernized. Which could help to help offset the cost for a CG gorilla.

In Showcase 77, Sam, aka the Ape is drawing comics. So that could also be used in the show. I mean, an Ape drawing comics in a show based on a comic, how meta is that! Maybe he draws a webcomic… as another way to update it. Don’t laugh, monkey hands drawing comics has got to be cheaper than a CG gorilla for 12 hour long episodes.

It’s unfathomable to me that Angel and the Ape isn’t in some stage of development…regardless,  I’ve been picking up copies of Showcase 77’s just in case.

Remember, I’m not saying you should go out and spend money on the books related to these properties. These books may never amount to more than they are, just some cool comic books.

Till Next Week!


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