Xiomara Rojas aka Crush aka Lobo’s Daughter

This week I thought we’d check in on Crush. You remember Crush, Lobo’s daughter that some people thought was going to be the next big thing… and was for all of about 5 minutes.

OK, so maybe whatever heat that Crush had has faded, but that doesn’t mean nothing going on with her in the pages of DC Comics Teen Titans. Recently she finally met up with Lobo for a 2 issue arch… It also sound like they’ll meet again real soon in DC’s Year of the Villain event… but more on that at the end.

I’m getting a little ahead of myself… You all are probably wondering why even bother discussing her, dead spec, move on… and I’ll get to that too.

Let’s go back to the beginning,

Crush first appeared in Teen Titans #20… or Teen Titans Special #1. Nah, I’m just messing with you, nobody still thinks it’s that preview of pages from issue 20 in TTS1 anymore… do they? Regardless, at this point we learn very little about her past, since this issue is about the new team and she’s only one of them.

Teen Titans #25. Crush is the main focus on both covers. We finally we get some Crush back story, we also find out she’s got a thing for her teammate D’jinn. So that’s something. And if that wasn’t enough for a single issue, we learn a little about her sentient chain, Obelus.

Teen Titans #30. On the last few pages Lobo shows up and grabs Crush. Technically this would be their first meeting… pretty important as it pertains to the character.

Teen Titans #31 32 Continuation of the events from issue 30, two part story arc with Crush and Lobo. The rest of the team joins in and eventually they defeat Lobo. However a new mystery pertaining to Crush’s past is revealed.

Now that we’ve got the books out of the way, let’s go over why anyone should care.

This is a no brainer if you have the patients to sit on books for a couple years or longer. Lobo is a popular character who’s finally been introduced to the masses via the SyFy channels Krypton series. There’s been rumbling for years that DC wants to do a Lobo movie…. and it could still be years before anything materializes for Lobo. So anything with Crush could be a lot further out than that. BUT, that doesn’t mean Crush can’t make a tv/streaming appearance at some point on the Titan’s TV Show… like season 6.

Also, the strange little love triangle the comics have set up between Crush, D’jinn and Robin is perfect for teen drama on the a network like the CW. So there’s potentially place where she could pop up that haven’t introduced a version of Lobo. So who knows, she could really pop up anywhere.

More what I’m getting at here is there’s always possibilities for the Crush to show up down the line in Superhero live action media. While it’s certainly not going to happen today, or even tomorrow, it’s likely to happen some day. I think some people have taken advantage of the heat dying down, since sales of the TT#20 1:25 Crush design variant have been all over the place. From $20 -$50 for a raw copy over the past few months. While i’m sure those sales were probably from the meeting of Lobo and Crush in Teen Titans #30-32, it’s still good for the character. After all, some sales activity is better than no sales on a book.

Who knowns, we could even see TT#20 getting a little bump depending on how her upcoming heel turn goes… unless that’s some kind of marketing ruse like the Batman and Catwoman not wedding.

See U in 2 week.


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