Yasmine Putri Cover Gallery & Checklist

Yasmine Putri has been on and off the radar for a while now. Remember that Carnage #3 variant? It got pretty hot for a while and still remains a really cool cover (if I had any confidence in my player skills, I would say that it’s probably a good moment to buy those, but I don’t so I will not).

Anyway, this week sees the release of Red Hood and the Outlaws #26, which seems to be picking up heat and follows the already hot #25, so it seemed as good a time as any to take a look at Putri’s cover work.

She has a distinctive style (especially when it comes to colors), which seems to feel equally comfortable with dynamic action-filled images or quieter, more personal takes on the characters depicted. Great eye-catching compositions? She does those too. Plenty to like, if you ask me..

In any case, and looking at some of her upcoming covers, I personally think she’s only going to get bigger. In fact, let’s take a look at her upcoming Wonder Woman cover (#56, for the foil month DC extravaganza) or the very next issue of Red Hood:

Not bad, right?

I will leave you with the classic mosaic of her covers, but 

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