Young Avengers #11 1:20 Mike Deodato Variant – December 2013

Ladies and Gentlemen! I apologize for the break in my column, and hope to be finally back on schedule! Sometimes life throws you curveballs, and you just have to adjust! But….Welcome back to Covers from the Unknown! From all the goodies that came out of SDCC, my favorite was the Thor: Ragnarok new trailer! I cant even tell you how excited I am for that movie. That being said, I have been looking for all my Hulk & Thor comics that I can find. One that I do not have, and have to find now is the Young Avengers #11, from the 2013 series. This is the 1:20 Mike Deodato variant. This, in my opinion is one of the best Hulk and Thor covers out there, and from an amazing artist!

With an initial print of 23k, and at 1:20, there should be about 1,100 of these out there. My guess is that no shop, in 2013 ordered 20 of the Young Avengers, with the exception of a few. This is, no doubt, a very short printed variant of two of the MCU big guys. I will throw a figure of 600 out there. Just a guess…..but something tells me I am close. Go online and look at our regular online shops. This is a tough comic to find. Get out there and find one. Short print….great artist….great movie coming out….this comic could be a good one to find now. Happy Hunting fellas!

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